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Fundraising Program


Looking for a fundraiser where you can enjoy a fun night out and raise significant funds for your team? Look no further than the Albany FireWolves fundraising program!

FireWolves Fundraising Program Overview

  • Purchase FireWolves game tickets at a heavily discounted rate
  • Set your own ticket price to sell to your group
  • Anything collected above the price you pay goes directly to your group

Do the Math:

You Sell 50 Tickets 100 Tickets 200 Tickets
YOUR PRICE $20 each $20 each $20 each
Set your Ticket Price @ $25 Earn $250 Earn $500 Earn $1,000
Set your Ticket Price @ $30 Earn $500 Earn $1,000 Earn $2,000


Ask Us How You Can Create a Memorable Night for your group with one of our gameday experiences!


For More information Email tickets@albanyfirewolves.com or Call/Text: 518-362-4900

Albany FireWolves