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Albany FireWolves 2022-23 Fundraising Program

Albany FireWolves 2022-23 Fundraising

2022-23 Fundraising Program

Looking for a fundraiser where you can enjoy a fun night out and raise significant funds for your team? Look no further than the Albany FireWolves fundraising program! Fundraising benefits start at just 50 tickets and allow your group to earn a profit of $10 per ticket!

2022-23 Groups
2022-23 Groups
Raise Funds for Your Group!

FireWolves Fundraising Overview

  • Purchase FireWolves game tickets at a heavily discounted rate
  • Set your own ticket price to sell to your group
  • Anything collected above the price you pay goes directly to your group

Do the Math:

If your organization has 25 members, and each member is responsible for selling 4 tickets, you would sell at least 100 tickets!

YOU SELL 50 Tickets 100 Tickets 200 Tickets
YOUR PRICE $20 each $15 each $15 each
Set your Ticket Price @ $20 N/A Earn $500 Earn $1,000
Set your Ticket Price @ $25 Earn $250 Earn $1,000 Earn $2,000
Fundraising Seating Chart

Ask Us How You Can Create a Memorable Night for your group with one of our gameday experiences!

Interested in learning more about the Albany FireWolves Fundraising Program? Call or text us at 518-362-4900 or submit a contact form below and we will be in touch!

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